Education and Training

Knowledge Management Course

Network for Excellence in Training (NExT) – Calgary, August 2013
Our KM course is an intense, 4-day event covering all the aspects of knowledge identification, retention and sharing in an organization. It covers such topics as taxonomy, the psychological and institutional barriers to KM, the creation and nurturing of Communities of Practice, and the way social media technology is changing knowledge management.

Technology Training for Sales

An IT services company – Mexico City January-April 2014
This IT services company had been doing traditional “body shopping” services – renting out programmers and project managers to clients. In order to expand into new services, the key account managers needed to be retrained. We performed the requirements study, developed the program, and provided two day-long workshops, one on IT innovation and one on Cloud Computing.

Technology Education Program for Sales

A managed services company (MSP) – Mexico City February—August 2014
This service company was concerned that its account managers did not understand the new kinds of services the company was offering (esp. cloud computing and IT consulting) to effectively sell contracts. After a series of interviews, we built an education program and delivered a series of six workshops covering subjects such as mobile computing, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and agile development.

Social, Mobile, Analytics and the Cloud

A large bank – Mexico City August 2014
This half-day workshop was put together to educate key business and IT personnel of the bank on the impact of the “SMAC” technologies (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) on their business. We focused in particular on the new expectations that users have about accessibility and ease of use, the way negative social feedback can impact a business, the risks related to privacy, and the new digital data stream opportunities that a business can leverage.

Key IT Concepts for non-IT Executives

A major retail company – Monterrey, Mexico December 2015
This company’s CFO assumed the supervision of the IT group without prior exposure to IT strategy. We constructed a two-day high-intensity interactive course that covered the principles of enterprise architecture, strategic planning, agile project management, enterprise applications, IT sourcing, cloud computing, IT service management, and IT innovation.

Assessing Cloud Service Agreements

Texas State Auditor’s Office – Austin, Texas August 2020
We successfully bid on creating and delivering a training workshop to state IT auditors on the complexities of Cloud Service Agreements (CSAs) and how to evaluate whether the state’s Department of Information Resources (DIR) was entering into the right contracts with cloud service providers.

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