Can you explain how you came to this, and where does your experience come from?

Sure. First, I have formal training in computer science, and I think that this provides a solid foundation to any work that has to do with the manipulation of information.

But perhaps more importantly, I worked for 35 years in software engineering and IT management. And while in the early years I certainly rolled up my sleeves to write code, install new machines, or to design network topologies, I’ve been able to abstract from this the key processes that allow IT and KM to be on a solid footing, regardless of the underlying technologies. I would say that early on, I thought like many people that it was the technology that counted. Now I have a balanced view of the roles of people, processes and technology.

I should also point out that out of those 35 years, 26 were spent at Schlumberger, the leading oilfield services company, which has a stellar reputation for its attention to quality and its ability to work globally. These are certainly qualities I have inherited into my new occupation.

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